Wealth, its accumulation and
how it is deployed is important.

New Zealand as a nation doesn’t typically respect wealth, nor does it celebrate the successes of wealth’s effective deployment. New Zealand’s wealth pool is both shallow and immature, thus we are dependent on government or foreign investment to tackle major projects. In most developed economies there is a pool of wealth controlled by wealthy families with maturity and scale to counterbalance foreign investment activity.

New Zealand is now at a turning point. Our tech sector has birthed several substantial new wealthy and our economy is beginning to show signs of dynamism. But it won’t last unless wealth is retained, succession planned and the attitude to wealth matures.

We represent a network of wealth families. You are not and will not be alone.

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Wealth Services

The process by which wealth is created differs depending on what is considered valuable to the seeker of wealth. What we offer in this sector covers connection, collaboration, perspective, strategy, governance and execution of governance, family back office, and opportunity origination and assessment.
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  • Finding shared purpose and strategy
  • Assistance in finding your “why”
  • Family or wealth charters


  • The how to delivering your “why”
  • SIPOs (Statement of Investment and Performance Objectives)
  • Measurement tools and outcome strategies


  • Family wealth structuring
  • Tax and trust structures


  • Deal origination
  • Investment governance


  • Trust and trustee administration
  • Reporting on investment outcomes
  • Managing beneficiaries, benefits and other support as required
  • Governance support and mentoring
  • Succession planning

Our Team

Bruce Sheppard

Bruce helps clients generate, maintain, and optimise wealth through business and investment.

Bruce founded the NZ Shareholders Association and has received an ONZM for services to business.

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Joshna Mistry

With a background in accounting Joshna leads the corporate services team at Gilligan Sheppard.

Joshna’s advanced analytical and financial modelling skills is especially relevant for investment opportunities.

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Humphrey Hart

Humphrey is a senior analyst and works on business valuations, capital raising and litigation support.

He is a chartered accountant with a degree in statistics and training in data science.

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